Our Curriculum

At Independence Preschool and Childcare LLC we make your child’s education our priority. We understand the importance of helping each child become kindergarten ready by the time they graduate.

Our goal is to have every child kindergarten ready to ensure success as they move forward!

Independence Preschool and Child Care LLC.Our curriculum is custom created by our staff specifically for Independence Preschool. It has been developed to ensure your child’s milestones are continually being evaluated using the Arizona Department of Education Early Learning
Standards as a framework. Our curriculum provides for a quality learning experience that offers a balance between self-discovery and purposeful teacher-directed experiences.
Independence Preschool and Child Care LLC.We understand that children flourish to their greatest potential in a nurturing environment that fosters a passion for learning and empowers children to succeed through a variety of experiences and interactions. Each child is taught at their own pace and given individual one on one time with the teacher to ensure skill mastery. We assess each student quarterly and use this guide as our individualized kindergarten prep skills.
Independence Preschool and Child Care LLC.Our unique Thematic Units offer students the perfect opportunity to grow the seeds of foundation of learning. We focus on approximately 78 real-life concepts that your child will encounter throughout childhood to adulthood.

Independence Preschool and Child Care LLC.