Thematic Units

Thematic units organize learning by creating real-life connections, which is how children learn best. Thematic units offer students total immersion into a subject matter by integrating a subject across the curriculum - this ranges from walking in line from the playground, circle time, music and movement, math and counting, literature, science, art projects, learning centers, snacks and even lunch. We strive to create daily activities that tie into the main theme of the two-week unit to encourage the highest level of learning and retention all while having an AWESOME time!

Some Examples Of Our Units:

♥ Cooking ♥ Weather ♥  Jungle & Rain Forest ♥ Graduation
♥ Community Helpers ♥ Transportation ♥ Seeds & Gardening
♥ Bugs & Insects ♥ Baby Chicks ♥ Health & Wellness
♥ Seasons ♥ My 5 Senses ♥ Solar System
♥ Dinosaurs ♥ Camping

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